Our raison d'être

We believe that nothing enlivens the mind and the soul as the sheer joy of living. For us, life is a celebration, where every moment is brimming with energy and passion. That’s why Barworld reimagines the finest elements of the bar to infuse a fresh, wholesome flavour to the experience.

We mingle select creations with a tinge of playfulness to present to you a collection that not just touches your senses but invigorates your heart for a delight like none other. Every piece presented by Barworld is a blend of finesse and utility which entices the most subtle flavours to invigorate your senses. The incredible experience captured in a form of the craft reflects the dynamism buried deep in every drop of life.

With an obsession towards perfection, Barworld brings to you supreme specialities for a luxurious bar experience. The perception is not confined to your bar, rather, it escapes its limits and gushes into your life with joy and bliss. Because, we feel, the moments lived at the bar are deserve reliving.

At Barworld, we invite you to feel absolute joie de vivre with every piece on our shelves. An experience you’ll never forget...

On our shelves:

Barworld is constantly seeking opportunities to add elegance to your bar and to your life. We are delighted to present to you a rare collection of shot glasses crowned with artistically sculpted animal heads. They’re finely chiselled and securely merged with the glasses to amp up your chic quotient manifold.


When absolute commitment to innovation mingles with a flair for indulgence, an idea is born, which comes to life as Vin Bouquet. The fine collection of bar accessories with minimalistic design and oodles of appeal, takes you on a journey with every sip of life.