Decanter Accessories
Decanter Accessories
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Decanter Brush
"If you were missing some decanter accessories in our catalogue, now you will find a complete sectio..
Decanter Cleaning Balls
These re-usable cleaning balls/beads can be used effective in cleaning any decanter for safe use...
Decanter Drying Stick
The drying stick is a two parts item that once joined, allows the user to hang a decanter to get dry..
Glass Brush
This Brush has been designed to clean effectively all kind of glasses. Very fluffy and absorbent mat..
Wine Decanter Funnel
Another amazing way of decanting the wine. This metal funnel helps aerating the wine thanks to its b..
Wine Decanter Pourer
The new design patent pending mini decanter will delight the wine experts. Place the mini decanter i..
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