Wine Accessories
Wine Accessories
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30 ml Measuring Pourer
A perfect tool for measuring the drink your pour. This pourer will help you pour excatly 30 ml and c..
Aerating Pourer
The most compact aerator that fits directly on the wine bottle. Just pour through the aerator and se..
Ah so Corkscrew
The legendary Ah-So corkscrew comes back to life. The original butler’s corkscrew they use to open l..
Analogical Thermometer
The analogical thermometers have proved to be very reliable since years. It can be used on many diff..
Basic Black Foil Cutter
How to use the Foilcutter.Place the Foilcutter on the bottle and press the arms of the cutter around..
Champagne Corkscrew
With this amazing corkscrew for Champagne /Cava / Lambrusco / Cider wines, you will be able to enjoy..
Cider / Wine Pourer - 5 pcs combo set
This pourer is perfect for cider and some white wines because of its perfectly perpendicular flow. I..
Cocktail Pourer Set of 2
Pourers set. Two pieces made in steel...
Combo Set of Pourer and Vacum Stopper
This set of pourer and vacuum stopper helps retain the taste and flavour of your wine. The Vacuum St..
Cork Lifter
Another MUST that is finally included in our range. The Cork Lifter helps to recover those damaged c..
Decanter Brush
"If you were missing some decanter accessories in our catalogue, now you will find a complete sectio..
Decanter Cleaning Balls
These re-usable cleaning balls/beads can be used effective in cleaning any decanter for safe use...
Decanter Drying Stick
The drying stick is a two parts item that once joined, allows the user to hang a decanter to get dry..
Deluxe Corkscrew 2 Lever
The most stylish manual corkscrew. It is finished in aluminium and steel brushed, and includes a bla..
Electric Wine Preserver Set of 4
The “Vin Bouquet”´s Electric Wine Preserver will help you to preserve your wine bottles and make the..
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