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Direction for use:
Place the Foil-cutter on the bottle, press down firmly, give it a quarter turn and lift it to remove the foil.

How to use the Lever Corkscrew:
Take back the Lever into open position and firmly grip the bottle neck with the handles until the black pins (marked with an arrow) protrude from the metal axis.
While keeping the handles tightened in this position, bring the lever over until it is in the closed position. The corkscrew is then completely submerged in the cork.
To remove the cork, keep the handles tight and slowly take the lever back until it is in open position. Old corks which are more fragile, should be pulled out very slowly.
Remove the bottl by loosining your grip on the handles.
To release the cork from the Lever Corkscrew, first bring the levr over to the closed position and grasp the cork with the handles. Swing the lever into open position. Catch the cork which has been freed in the palm of your hand.

Replacing the Worn Screw:
After opening approximately 2000 bottles the coated screw may show signs of wear making it a little less easy to use.
Simply unscrew the protective head and remove screw.
Insert the new screw and replace the protective head.

Recommendations for UPkeep:
The accumulation of wine deposits on the corkscrew and particles of cork on various parts of the corkscrew can afftect its efficiency. Clean it regularly with soapy water.
Remember to change the screw when necessary.
Never use lubricants on your Lever Corkscrew.

Capacity Not Applicable
Dimensions 24.5 x 19.5 x 5.5 cm
In Box 1 Cockscrew, 1 Foil Cutter, 1 Spring & 1 Stand
Material Stainless Steel & Plastic
Product Color Silver & Black
Product Rating 60000
Product Weight 660 gm
Rating Category 60000
Rating priority 33

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